Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds

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Ingredients: 100% organic hulled hemp seeds
Net Weight: 200 grams


Premium quality hemp seed nuts. Rich in omega-3 and high-value complete proteins. One of the most favourite food of vegan athletes. Nutritious and very tasty! Gluten free. Very popular among vegans and patients in recovery. Simply eat as it is or add into muesli, morning cereals, salads, yogurt, soups, rice or pasta. Excellent ingredient for smoothie & energy bars, Italian pesto or garlic spread. Make your “hemp marzipan” – grind and mix with honey or process with dry fruits in your food processor. Use in your recipes just like any other seeds or nuts. Prepare hemp milk: Put 2-3 table spoons of seeds in your high-speed blender, add approx. 0,5 l of water and mix well. Sweeten to your taste. Keeps fresh in fridge for a few days. Shake well before use. Contains omega-3 (total ALA + SDA) 10 g per 100 g.

Store in a dry place, keep out of direct sunlight or heat source.

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